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Last update: November 2014

On this page, you will find how Andrew Galasetti and respect your privacy and as well as other legal notices. We will do our best to update this page as quickly as possible when there are changes to Andrew Galasetti and’s privacy and legal issues. Whenever we do make changes, we will update the date above.

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Here is how Andrew Galasetti and handles your personal information:

Andrew Galasetti and have never and will never sell or rent your email address, IP address, name, or any other personal information.

For Andrew Galasetti’s newsletter, Andrew Galasetti and will only obtain your email address if you personally subscribed to receive updates and the latest from Andrew Galasetti and via our old emailing list service or our current emailing list service. We have never bought and will never buy email lists or subscribe you without your permission. You are free to unsubscribe at any time in the footer of any newsletter email. If you’re having trouble doing so, please contact us HERE and we will manually remove you from our list.

If you contact Andrew Galasetti and via email or physical mail, your email address, mailing address, name, and the other information you provide will be used to reply to your question, comment, request, etc., but will not be used for any other purpose. Andrew Galasetti and will also not share your information with any other person or party outside of Andrew Galasetti and unless requested by you, approved by you, or unless it is necessary to do so to provide you with better assistance in the matter that you are contacting about or if Andrew Galasetti and are legally obligated.

If Andrew Galasetti and are required by law, subpoena, or other court matter, we will share your personal information.

Andrew Galasetti and uses your personal information and anonymous visitor information to improve communication, advertising, design, features, content, traffic, and other similar aspects of Andrew Galasetti and

Andrew Galasetti and can view personal information when moderating comments (such as IP address, email address, and your name).

Andrew Galasetti,, and visitors can view such personal information as your name, profile photo, and profile link when you connect with via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

How you can control your privacy on

You are free to share as much or as little of your personal information with and its visitors as you would like.

Visiting will log your IP address and general information such as your city.

Posting a comment on will log your IP address, email address, your name, and connect with your Facebook account, Twitter account, Google+ account, or Disqus account (if you use one of these accounts to comment). does not have access to your password to these accounts or other sensitive information. (via Disqus) simply connects to your social media account to allow you to comment without having to create a new account.

If you connect with Andrew Galasetti via his social media accounts, Andrew Galasetti and can view such information as your name, profile photo, and profile link.

It is your decision to visit, comment, and connect with and its visitors. If you do not want any information shared with whatsoever, then we respect your decision not to visit at all.

Visitors Under 18 years of Age is not intended for anyone under 18 years of age. If you are under 18, we ask that you please do not visit this site.

To sign up to Andrew’s newsletter, you must also be an adult, 18 or older.


Andrew Galasetti and the team cannot accept unsolicited book manuscripts, book ideas, book proposals, screenplays, movie ideas, business ideas, invention ideas, etcetera.

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To contact regarding your privacy or other legal issue, please contact us HERE or via mail:

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