Andrew GalasettiAndrew Galasetti is an author and entrepreneur. Born and raised on the Jersey Shore, Andrew has always had ideas flowing through him and expressed those ideas with the arts and entrepreneurship.

Today, Andrew continues with his entrepreneurial and artistic endeavors. He is the author of These Colors Don’t Run and To Breathe Free. These Colors Don’t Run is the story of Samuel, an orphan and slave in 1830s Georgia who makes a decision that has a great reward—freedom—but which also comes at great costs. To Breathe Free (coming soon!) continues the story of Samuel and his family many years later as they still strive “to breathe free” as Emma Lazarus wrote in her classic poem, “The New Colossus.”

To learn more about These Colors Don’t Run and to grab your copy, visit one of these stores:

Ebook available on: Kindle

Paperback available on: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

To Breathe Free will be Andrew’s second published book. To learn more, please visit the To Breathe Free page HERE.

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